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Chinese Folk Culture Park and Splendid China

Chinese Folk Culture Park and Splendid China

China Folk Culture Village is principally to represent the histories and mysteries of China’s 56 ethnic groups, showing its diverse cuisines, folk customs, art and music, festivals and architectures.

It’s a famous theme park in Shenzhen, recreated 24 China’s ethnic villages. It located next to Splend China and the Window of the World, are both the top tourist spots in China.

Chinese Folk Culture Park

Chinese Folk Culture Park

Chinese Folk Culture Park exhibits many facets of Chinese culture. Folk culture performances and folk dances and songs staged at the Park”s main theatre and the big show at the Folk Culture Plaza really are a vivid reproduction of Chinese folk art. Since their opening to tourists, tourism programs for example the Carnival Parade of Chinese Folk Culture, Circle of the Four Seasons, Spell of China, Blue Sun, the Carnival Parade of Chinese Folk Culture Revisited and the Latest Emerald, are being highly praised by professional Chinese choreographers in addition to by the public. They are viewed as the epitome of Chinese folk culture, richly textured and poetically idiosyncratic. These performances take tourists on the journey of utter enjoyment of the carnival that’s everything Chinese. Traditional festivals of ethnic Chinese peoples for example the Water Splashing Festival of the Dai People, the Torch Festival of the Yi people, Lusheng Festival of the Miao People and the Local Fair Festival are celebrated here in a large way, which give tourists a great feast of local culture. The occasions are imbued with artistic elements and marked with passion and enthusiasm and are audience-inclusive. They’re well organized, beautifully presented and visually splendid. China”s long history using its glorious moments is presented in its originality. The 24 folk-culture themed villages showcase the 56 Chinese ethnic groups with their living folk customs. The wonderful performances in an artistically created harmonious setting have attracted tourists all corners of the world.

In 2003, Splendid China merged with the Chinese Folk Culture Village to create Splendid China Folk Village. The amusement parks are quite different though both are about China. One instructs on China’s ethnic groups, and the other instructs on famous sites and architectural heritage. Men and boys may prefer taking a look at the detailed scaled models and learning about Chinese architecture and geography while women may prefer seeing the costumes of ethnic groups in China, the various houses, and the portrayal of ethnic village life.

Shenzhen Splendid China

Splendid China

Shenzhen Splendid China is definitely an attraction that minifies landscape of Chinese History, ancient architecture and folk customs. The scale models are in the main in a ratio of 1:15 and the exhibits are situated to replicate their geographical locations.

Nearly 100 tourist spots around China are replicated in this theme park under the great efforts of architectural specialists and landscape pros who have studied the actual sites and made the replicas.

Visitors will find the great icons like magnificent Great Wall; stunning terracotta Army, the imperial palace – Forbidden City and the longest gallery in a grotto and the grand magnificent building with the highest altitude…It’s a great place to see the most splendid sites around China within one day

Two Nearby Theme parks

Two other Theme parks nearby that you could go to are Window of the World down the street and Happy Valley that’s about 1 kilometer from the front gate of Splendid China. Happy Valley is really a kid’s favorite, and it’s close enough just to walk to.

Subway: Transportation to the  Theme parks is easy as it is next to Line 1 metro stations. From Luohu Station on the Hong Kong border, you are able to take Line 1 and leave at Huaqiao Cheng Station Overseas Chinese Town and take exit D. From Guangzhou, you are able to reach the site in about 2.5 hours via the fast train to Luohu.

Bus: Many buses visit since it is on the major road called Shennan Highway. From Luohu, you are able to take Bus 1 or Bus 101. Other buses that hold on there are: 70, 113, 324, 328, and 329.


Open: 9 to 9 pm. But last entry is about 6 pm.

Price: Adult 120 RMB or 19 USD / Children 60 RMB (April 1, 2011). The ticket includes both Miniature China and the Folk Culture Village.

Time: A couple of hours or a day.

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