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Posted by on Apr 30, 2011 in Chinese | 1 comment

A Brief Introduction About Chinese Food Culture


The history of Chinese food is eternal in Chinese culture and it plays an important role as a brand ambassador of the Chinese culture to the world. In contrast to some western countries food, Chinese foods pay far more attention on excellent harmony between the color, flavor, taste and shape. The great taste of Chinese food is developed firstly by deciding on the top quality material for cooking. Then thereafter adding appropriate major ingredient and color to add to its taste and looks.

Chinese Food is a Hot Favorite

Chinese cooking not only emphasizes only on taste but put a high premium on its shape too. This demand high level of culinary skills and imagination on the part of cooks.

The foods are served hot and cooked. For that reason, a food culture have developed while incorporate braising, roasting, saucing, quick-frying, simmering, deep-frying, roasting, steaming, boiling, stewing, smoking, mixing and so on. Diverse cooking approaches will show diverse taste styles. And every dish has got a selected cooking style to get cooked, including Beggar Chicken which is well-known for baking with mud.

Type of Chinese foods

China is a country with diverse weather, customs of areas; hence this diversity leads to the preparations of different and lots of styles of foods. The staple foods in north are primarily millet, wheat, and sorghum, but in southern China, people mostly eat rice, the very first grain that was farmed in China and had to be cooked by boiling it in water. People living in south like sweet points, in north they eat salty, in east prefer sour foods and in west they like spicy.

Effect of Food on Health

Chinese men and women aren’t only dainty about the food tastes but care about food functions on men and women wellness. Possibly it may also be referred to as the wellness food culture now.

Eating together increases bonding

Chinese men and women like consuming food with chopsticks that are quite challenging for some western people who normally use the spoons and knives as food tools.

Chinese men and women also like to put the dishes in the center of the table and consuming the food together to create lively atmosphere. It can be quite interesting too. Some of delicious foods that are served in this supper are, meat shreds with fish seasoning, chicken cubes with chili peppers, and spicy braised crucian carp are the renowned Sichuan dishes, blanched chicken is renowned in Guangdong, roast lamb is renowned in XinJian and so on.

1 Comment

  1. I love Chinese food but none of them of that roast duck stuff! My home is the world of orange chicken and rice for Chinese food.

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