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Posted by on Oct 17, 2011 in Chinese | 0 comments

Dragon Dance – Importance in Chinese Culture


Dragon Dance, which descends from China, are traditional Chinese folk activities and folk dance forms. Dragon Dance can also be known as “Playing dragon lantern” and “Dance of dragon lantern”. It is done using the “Dragon” made of grasses, bamboos and cloth as the main prop. Dragon dance is extremely popular around China throughout the Spring Festival and also the Festival of Lanterns.

Dragon is considered God in China

Dragons are mythological animals. They are important to Chinese people who think of dragons as useful and friendly creatures. They are said to bring good luck, long life and wisdom. Chinese people do not treat them as fierce, fire-breathing Western dragons that carry off princesses and eat people. Chinese Dragons are associated with storm clouds and life-giving rain.

Dragons have special powers so they can fly in the air, swim in the sea and walk on land. The Dragon has features of other animals such as the horns of a stag, the scales of a fish and the footpads of a tiger.

Dragon in Chinese culture is a symbol of fortune, nobility, bravery and, especially, power. The original Dragon Dance may be the “Dance” performed by the Emperor Yan and Emperor Yellow for sacrificing to the god and praying for the rain, witches danced like dragons soaring in to the sky.  People weaved “Grass Dragon” with haulms and osiers and invented the dragon dance. During festivals, people perform dragon dance to wish for the blessing from the dragon along with a good harvest.

Dragon Dance is extremely popular among Chinese people. Presently, Dragon Dance has attracted the world interest like a sport for exercising.

Significance of Dragon Dance

Chinese Dragon Dance displays some of the very the good things of the traditions and culture of china. The dance is conducted on the Chinese Year and the lantern festival. Chinese strongly believe themselves to be the descendants of the dragon. The dragon in china is undoubtedly a symbol of goodness, fertility and supernatural powers. It symbolizes the bringing of good luck and success for inhabitants of China. It is also considered to be the reason of rainfall as dragons are seen as the authorities of rainfall. In china dragons are deeply embedded into the soul and heart of the Chinese people. This dance is another way of expressing gratitude for the Dragon, which is treated the epic figure in china.

Dance Performance

Dragon is a valuable part of the Chinese cultural festival. A team of skilled dancers  bring the motionless body alive by conducting the Dragon dance.

Team of Two Members carrying the look of dragons on poles performs the dance. One individual acts just like a dragon’s head and also the other one controls its tail. A couple generally performs this dance but there might be group of people. The dance is associated with music made up of traditional drums, Alloy metal plates and decorations. The dance team imitates the harmonious movements of flowing river in a natural manner. Traditionally the movements symbolize historical roles of dragons that relate to power and dignity.

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