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Posted by on Apr 15, 2011 in Chinese | 0 comments

A Renaissance of Chinese Culture

Over the past four years, under the auspices of New Tang Dynasty TV (NTDTV), a group of artists and scholars have breathed new life into Chinese culture. Together they’ve produced a world class annual cultural show which is bringing about a renaissance of ancient Chinese culture and traditions. Their annual global Chinese New Year Spectacular is touring the worlds leading theaters around the globe. In just some short years the production has grown from seven performances in five cities in 2004, to 76 performances in 30 cities in 2007. Audiences have swelled, in turn, with last years shows landing on Billboard Magazines number seven slot for most profitable productions. But the actual story lies not inside the figures, even so striking they could be, but inside the meaning of it all. Behind the numbers is actually a tale of tragedy, perseverance, hope, and renewal.

Soon after the takeover in China by the communists in 1949, standard Chinese culture and spiritual traditions had been destroyed and outlawed. Practically all of the temples and a lot of invaluable art treasures had been smashed and burned. They, the communists, then went ahead to alter history books and brainwashing generations of Chinese with party culture, class struggle and Marxist ideology.

A lot of of the shows artists and creators have firsthand encounter of the oppression of standard culture and human rights. 1 of them is artistic director Rutang Chen who went by way of the discomfort and humiliation of the Cultural Revolution. He and his wife had been separated and sent to the countryside to be reformed by way of challenging laborall for the crime of becoming artists who played the cello and flute. Years later, when they had been allowed to play their instruments once again in China’s leading Central Symphony Orchestra, all classical and standard music had to be scrapped in favor of patriotic songs. A lot of orchestras had been disbanded altogether.

With NTDTVs shows, gone are the red flags of Chinese communism. Gone are the pirouetting Peoples Liberation Army soldiers. Gone are all those lyrics crafted to stir patriotism. In their absence is actually a cultural space that has been missing for years.

Instead, NTDTVs Spectacular serves up China’s very best standard arts in all their glory, vigor, and spiritual robustness. A lot of standard Chinese instruments are utilized, and costumes are faithfully recreated from old manuscripts, paintings and pottery. Every thing, which includes the magnificent backdrops, evoke the grandeur of Chinas wonderful dynasties and legends of remote history.

It is possible to see it in every single carefully placed step of the Lotus Arts Troupe dancers. It is possible to hear it inside the deep, heartfelt playing of the Erhu, an ancient Chinese two-stringed violin. And it is possible to really feel it in every single act that intangible ingredient that makes the distinction between ordinary and magical.

This is Chinese culture brought to life by those who live it. But its also culture meant to inspire, ennoble, and nurture its audience. In contrast to shows produced in China, where under communist rule right now considerably of the arts is like a plastic veneer, playing to the fancy of the passing tourist, the NTDTV show runs deep accurate to the profound, 5000 year-old culture of China.

Between January and March the 2007 NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular tours Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and significant cities in Canada, Europe and Asia.

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